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Guest Posting Strategy

I have not talked about guest posting in my make money online section so it is a good thing someone inspires me to write about it.
One of my readers emailed me asking few questions concerning things about making money via blogging. Here is the exact email message he sent me. I censored some words to protect the interest of the sender.

Xian ******* <xian******>
Sent: Monday, May 18, 2009 10:22:44 PM
Subject: a few questions...

1. Could I ask my readers to share something related to my post and have it posted on my blog?

2. Could I change my URL for arrrggg... my URL is ********* but my keyword really is "*******". But on my blog, I used my keyword (*******) often, so what wud happen here?
**Carl Ocab's site is but his keyword really is making money online,ryt? So, I'm just wondering if I could maintain my URL despite using a different keyword...

3. Could I copy my blogs from friendster to my blogspot account?

4. If I have multiple websites, could I put ads for each site? If so, are there any limits to how may sites I could use?

My answers:

1. Yes. You can ask your readers to share something related to your post and have it posted to your blog. Just make it clear to them the terms like: you have the right to edit it based on your standards or you will post it as it is. It is a good strategy to have instant content for your blog. But, be cautious when choosing what to post. You only need original contents.

Advanced elaboration:
Actually, many bloggers do this not only to have content for their blog but to build backlinks for their blog and other bloggers as well. It is called guest posting. It is a strategy where a blogger invites other bloggers to send entries to be posted on his blog. When you use this strategy, you will be able to gain additional traffic and backlink at the same time. For example: I will ask you to send me an article about a certain topic, must be original, which I will then post here on my blog. What do I get? You just gave me an article on my blog, that's what. What is it for you? I will put a link back to your website or blog embedded in that article which you gave me which will give you additional traffic and a backlink- an important ingredient for SEO.

Now, forgive me for I have to cut this post. I am little bit tired and sleepy. In my next post I will answer the other questions left. I will try to write more about this guest posting strategy when I get back.

Later folks.


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Xian said...

Parang kilala ko ung sender ah...hahaha tnx mingkoy, nakakatuwa nmn, tlgng my blog ka pra sagutin ang questions ko, so grateful to you dude..i cant w8 to read ur next post.. BTW, im one of ur followers na... keep it up! Cheers! w8 4 me at the top