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About this blog.

This site is another make money online blog. The only difference is i write most of my posts in tagalog. I intend to share my knowledge to my fellow Filipinos about making money online blogging in the most effective and comprehensive way and that is by speaking to them in our native language.

About the title.

The tagalog word for ‘money’ is ‘pera’, for the phrase ‘in the’ is ‘sa’ and for ‘internet’ is also ‘internet’ (no tagalog word for that). That is how 'Pera Sa Internet' came about.

About the author.

I am Mingkoy, not my real name of course, a.k.a tagalogblogger. Nah! I’m just another regular dude from a third world country that happens to have access to the internet and found out about blogging and monetizing it. I am not an expert on what I blog. I’m still in the learning process. Although my posts are mostly in tagalog, I encourage Filipino bloggers to write in English if they intend to make money out of it. Me myself is not an expert in writing in English but I am learning. I am a Filipino, a proud one.

For the English readers.

Recently, I noticed that some traffic coming to this blog are from Western countries, that is why I decided to make this post- to welcome you, of course. So, welcome to this blog. I don’t know what you are looking for but somehow it led you here. Maybe I messed up with the keywords I used in my previous posts and the crawlers of the search engines had this blog indexed for the wrong keywords.

Please excuse me.

Anyway, please feel free to look around this blog. You may find something useful here.

Thank you.


Update: I move my email address to my privacy policy page


newbie blog said...

ang galing talaga ni kuya mingkoy..marami akong natutunan sa kanya..minsan kuya meet tayo..hehehe..pera-sa-internet, this is a blog should never forget..hehehe filipino kasi tayo eh..yung blog ko english bokborokbok,and copycat pa...hehehe

mingkoy said...

Pagpasensyahan nyo po muna kung hindi ako nag-aaprove ng mga comments.. may kaunti lang pong kaganapan sa mga blog na tumatakbo sa blogger platform (mga spa-m issues), kung nasubaybayan nyo, this blog was taken down for a period of time due to some blogger issues and I am suspecting that the culprit to the said issue is the comment system and the new 'spa-m filter' of blogger. For all kinds of concerns, facebook-kin nyo po ako sa: