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Gravity Stacker Walkthrough

Gravity Stacker is a physics based puzzle game where you use your mouse to carefully and correctly stack differently shaped objects. The goal is to stack all the objects without them being pulled away and stalled by the force of gravity. The gravitational pull is not always the same in this game, the direction of the force changes each level. It maybe upward, downward or even sideways. If you play this game, there is a good chance that you will get addicted to it and will most likely want to finish all of its 50 levels in one sitting. There's also a chance that you'd get stuck on a certain stage. If that happens and you've lost all hopes to beating this game from 2games, you may refer to the Gravity Stacker walkthrough. Thanks to tasselfoot once again for showing us the light ^^.

I know that there are many of you got stuck at level 21, so here's a guide til the level 35.

Above is shows the last levels 36 to 50 of Gravity Stacker walkthrough. Enjoy!

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