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Anglebeat Walkthrough a.k.a Tanglebeat Walkthru

Anglebeat, also referred to as Tanglebeat is a, oh boy it's a difficult game. It's practically hard to beat. Get it? Beat. hahaha. Funny, right? No? Oh well, lets move on to the walkthrough video below uploaded by the pro on any kind of flash games - Tasselfoot. He shows us how to beat all 15 levels with his Anglebeat Walkthrough. Enjoy.

As I watch this video it seems to me that the beats in Anglebeat walkthrough doesn't feel right. Or maybe it's just me.


Mr. Green said...

I was amazed that you were able to include the ad in your post. I wonder how can it be done.

mingkoy said...

@mr. green;

it's called "embedding ads within post". gugel nyo na lang po.. pero ingat po sa pag-implement nito.