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Who Wants A Laser Lighter? | Someone's Giving it Away For Free!

That's right, a laser lighter really exist but you can get one from that awesome guy, Kipkay. I was watching his videos and I was really amazed by the things he do. He's hacking everything. Turning regular normal gadgets like cameras into awesome espionage stuffs like spy sunglasses or spy camcoder gadget and also makes bionic hearing equipment out off a megaphone that lets you hear from a distance. This guy is so cool and what's cooler is he's giving away 5 free laser lighter (one of his most popular creation) that is super awesome. He hacked a cheapy lighter by taking the butane off and replacing the insides with a laser diode and now it's emitting blue light that burns instead of a boring yellow flame. If you're interested to have one of these laser lighters, you can join his contest but you must be 13 years old of age and above. You can see the complete mechanics for joining is in the video below. You have until July 17th to join.

That cheapy laser lighter really is a must have for laser enthusiast out there. So hurry up and join Kipkay's contest. I sound like a sales agent here. lol!

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