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Causality/Casualty Road Rage Walkthrough Video

I don't know if this is a mistyped title by the author of the game but it actually says "Causality: Road Rage" so I go with it. Anyway, this is an adventure game from the archives of point and click flash games of It's quite fun to play though it's just a short one. You move the stick figure characters around and make them do things by clicking on them. The game sets in gasoline station along the highway where you must wreak havoc upon including the mini mart and the road itself where fast cars past along. Bringing the whole scenario in to a horrific explosion will put the game to end. If you're wondering how you can do that, just follow the short video tutorial below of Causality Road Rage Walkthrough:

I must tell you that there is some sort of a little glitch or it's just me but it may be tricky when you click the bubble it won't work. Just keep on trying and it should be okay after a few tries. That's about it for this Causality Road Rage game. Enjoy!

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