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Planning To Buy The Latest Gadgets?

Last year I've read some articles about gadgets to be released this year 2010. It includes the 4G phones which they say has a capability to transmit data at high-speed. They refer to it as the next generation for their old 3G phones and boasts its 384 kbps downloads and 129 kbps uploads. It can receive data at 100 mbps and up to 1 gigabyte per second while static. That's some speed! Imagine downloading aDVD movie in a minute! That's cool.

Another latest in the gadgets and geekery industry is the Windows 7 that has just been released late last year I think. I regret that I didn't got to be in the beta testing. But, anyways, I am planning to obtain a copy of Windows next week. That is of course after I've read tons of reviews about the product.

Now, let's talk about 2010 laptops. V12 Designs, an Italian Company has devised a new version of Canova, a dual LCD laptop. Yes, dual LCD. Two screened and both were touch screens. It's one alienware. LOL! Anyways, I hope it gets here in our country. But, where is this Canova laptops? It seems that Onkyo is dominating the dual screen laptop scene.

Why am writing about gadgets now? LOL. Well, I am planning to obtain at least one latest gadget (2010) this year. I'm thinking about buying a new mobile phone or a computer. Or both.

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