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The Hermit Walkthrough

Another point and click type of game today to play, The Hermit is a room escape game from ChrisDaemon. In this game, you must find your way out of a weird place, a cave laboratory. To do this you must solve puzzles as you progress in the game. Anyways, we found The Hermit Walkthrough from Jitta.

The door in the chem. Lab is closed, and needs a color code. On the floor of the lab you find a hint #3, and on the wall a hint #2.
There is a complex looking safe. Make a path from the bottom left to the top right, and don't leave any loose ends! Start with corners and edges, the rest will follow. There is hint #3, and a red ball.
On the acid table, there are three acids. you can connect them to some wiring that crosses to the magnet on the left. Connect the sulfuric acid, and flip the switch: Hint #4! (RBYGP). Now you can open the door.
Now to turn on the generator: The 3 gauges on the top have to be charged with 4, 2 and 1 blue bars. You can charge the left one to 4, and the right one to 3, with the charge buttons. You can transfer charge from one gauge to the other with the transfer buttons. Left holds 4 charges max, middle can hold 5, and right can hold 3. Left and right can be emptied with the "charge" buttons as well. Charge left (4), and transfer them to the middel. Charge right (3) and transfer to the middle. Middle now holds 5 and right holds 2. Transfer 5 from middle to the left. Left now holds 4, middle 1, and right 2. Empty left. move the 2 and 1 so that 1 is on the right, and 2 are in the middle. Charge the left with 4, and there is light!
Back to the lab. Switch on the lights at the biology table. Check out the balance table, and see that 3 blue equals 1 red.
Take the lift to the 2nd floor. There's another bio lab, but no light to make things grow. Open the shutters by balancing left and right. You need your red ball for that!
Take the lift to the 3rd floor. Enter the biolab. Ah, there's an exit to the trainplatform! Let's go there!
Inside the train it won't ride, the wiring is incorrect! Open the panel to look inside, nothing is connected. You have to click in the order that's given on the right side, so if blue is left and pink is right, then click blue, pink, connect to the right. You need pink again: click the wire to disconnect, and use it again with black. Cyan goes to cyan. Connect brown and bottom green, disconnect bottom green, then connect yellow and bottom green. in the end result the top right has both black and pink, cyan has cyan, yellow green has yellow and green, brown and green has only brown, and blue pink has only blue.

That's it. You can post your own The Hermit Walkthrough below if you feel like sharing it with us. Play game here.

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