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Gas Station Escape Walkthrough

StoneAge Gas Station Escape is the newest point and click flash escape game series by StoneAgeGames. The scenario in the game is this, luckily you've made it to the gas station, but your luck turns its back on you and now you are in a complicated situation. Anyways, here's a Gas Station Escape Walkthrough we've found while searching the net.
  • click the trees in the top left of the map to zoom in, take the GASOLINE CONTAINER from behind the left tree, zoom out.
  • click the TOP of the house to zoom in behind it (not the bottom or else you zoom in on the front door). take the TUBE from around the base of right tree and zoom out.
  • click the middle tree to zoom in, take the CAP that is in plain sight and zoom out.
  • click the boulder at the north to zoom in, take the PUMP from the left side of the screen and zoom out.
  • click the trees to the right of that boulder to zoom in, take the KEY from the right side of the screen, and zoom out.
  • click the bush at the left of the screen to zoom in, take the KEY PAD(?) from in the shade and zoom out.
  • zoom in on the gas pumps (not the car yet, don't get mixed up!). use your gas container on the pumps to fill it, then place the cap on the container to close it up. then, attach the 2 pieces of the key together, and finally attach the tube and the pump together. zoom out.
  • click the car to zoom in. use the completed pump to inflate the flat tire at the front. then click on the car door to enter, and place your completed gas tank and key chain into the appropriate slots, then hit the blue button and you've successfully escaped.
By the way, you can also share your own Gas Station Escape Walkthrough below. Enjoy guys! Play game here.

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