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Blast Master Walkthrough

Blaster Master is the latest chain reaction type flash puzzle game by KomixGames together with GameBalance. In this game, you must try to blow up all the explosives by dragging and using some tools and bombs on the left screen of the game. Just place them on right places to blow up all explosives and continue to next level. Here's some Blast Master Walkthrough we've found on the net so far.

Level 1. put fire tool on the ball on the center circle.
Level 2. place the fire tool between the middle row top block and the block in the middle, then connect the other 3 to the middle I put mine at the outside rows.
level 3. starting with the bottom left block put the fire tool just out from the top right corner so it's even between the diamond shapes in the center then place the remaining circles like that with the other squares.
level 4. place your fire tool on the second red tool.
level 5. place your fire tool at the top left corner of the shape at the bottom right a tad closer to the bottom middle of the shape in the center. place the silver ball in the center of the shape in the center and the red tool almost touching the bottom right corner of the top left shape.
level 6. fire tool above center line. red X tool goes just barely above and offset to the right of the fire tool and the + red tool just inside the left circle. the X red tool has to be placed just right to hit that group.
level 7. place the fire tool on the right side between the top of the row of three and the row of tool. mirror the other side with the silver ball.
level 8. fire tool between red + tool and big silver ball. silver ball between bottom red X tool and big silver ball on left but up like it forms a "V"
level 9. evenly place the fire tool and the silver ball in the opening of the four shapes.
level 10. red + tool gets lined up with the big silver ball on the top left side (not the middle large one), red x tool goes diagonally from the two silver balls in the center lined up to hit the bottom right red tool and the red + tool you just placed. fire tool goes top left of this red X tool. (be sure all red tools are lined up to hit the red tools across and diagonal from them)
level 11. one fire tool on the cats head, second goes below the row of 3 going straight down. a silver ball goes on each side of that row just below the top ball to connect the rows beside it.
level 12. fire tool right beside top silver ball, red X tool touching the cats right ear and lined up with the other red tool.
level 13. one cat goes between fire tool and top of the bottom row of two, second cat goes in the middle of the triangle on the left side.
level 14. fire tool connects the top and bottom squares on the far left. red + tool is on the bottom large silver ball off centered to the right (mostly off the ball), small silver ball just above the middle silver ball on the bottom right square and the last red + tool is directly over the middle silver ball on the bottom of the top right square.
level 15. fire tool just to the bottom left of the cat head (but still on it's face a little) and make a diagonal line with the two silver balls one on top and one on bottom. going from top right to bottom left. make sure the top and bottom of the triangles are almost even between the silver balls they are between or it won't set the balls off in both directions.
level 16. fire tool between large ball in center and small one on the left. other two silver balls connect the large one with the bottom right med ball.
level 17. silver ball between fire tool and left red + tool. silver ball connecting other red tool and silver ball to it's left. (you'll have to play with it but it worked for me)
level 18. fire tool connects the top left, bottom left and top middle carefully place it in the center of the triangle formed by the corners and the middle of the bottom one. adjust a bit to the left to get it to set off the rest do the same on the other side with the other ball.
level 19. fire tool to the right of the gun pointing left. gun connecting top and bottom shape facing the two guns
level 20. fire tool between top 2 guns, red tool between two middle guns almost forming a zigzag. you may have to adjust them but eventually you'll get the placement and it will shoot the top and bottom guns

We'll try to update this one later to cater all the levels. Meanwhile, you can also share you own Blast Master Walkthrough in the comments below. Thanks for sharing. Play game here.

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