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Unearth Walkthrough

Unearth is the latest point and click type room escape game from Michael Hibbert for CafeCafe Games. With a look and feel similar to Submachine you will be very comfortable playing this one. Look around for hidden items and solve the puzzles along the way for an out of this world trip. Anyways, for the Unearth Walkthrough, I can only post the first part of it and the rest will be posted after some time or if anyone insist. If you want, you can also post your own walkthrough below.

Flush the toilet and note you shoes are now wet because it overflowed.
Note the smiley face on the mirror.
Go right (you can move by clicking the edges of the screen).
Note the ladder, but don't go up it yet.
Go right.
See the 3 levers, but you don't know what they control.
Go right.
Note the fire extinguisher.
Go right.
Move your cursor over the legs of the cabinet, and you will see one is loose.
Click it and get the leg.
The cabinet fell and you can now see the power switches for each level.
Turn all of them off.
Then turn the top and bottom ones back on.
Go to the left.
Get the red wire from the floor.
Click the cabinet leg in your inventory so it is part of your cursor – then click the fire extinguisher box and get the extinguisher.
Go left TWICE and you are at the ladder.

The Unearth Walkthrough will be continued in the comment section below. Try the game again here.

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