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Dwarf Room Escape Walkthrough

Dwarf Room Escape is latest flash point and click type escape the room game from escape fever. Escape the room full of little Santas. Find them all and I’m sure they should help you get out of the room. Here's a Dwarf Room Walkthrough we have found on the internet.
  • Click the underside of the couch on the left side to zoom in, and click the hanging red guy to get dwarf number 1. zoom out.
  • Click the left curtain to zoom in, then wait a second and dwarf #7 will pop out from behind, click him to obtain that little fella, and zoom back out.
  • Click the green flower pot on the table next to the bed to zoom in. Dwarf #4 will be laying on one of the stems, click to get it and zoom back out.
  • now click a bit to the left of that flower pot to find a new hotspot. you will find #3 sitting in the corner on a ledge. take him and zoom, back out.
  • Click the corner of the bed to zoom in under it. at the right side of the screen you will see the legs of #2. take him and zoom out.
  • Turn right and click the phone on the table next to the bed. dwarf #12 is under the reciever, click to obtain and zoom back out.
  • Click a little bit below the phone now (edge of the bed) to zoom in to a new screen. here, you will see nothing at 1st, but wait a few seconds and #11 will pop out at you! click and obtain him then zoom back out.
  • Click the chair in front of the laptop desk to find number 6. after obtaining him, zoom back out and click just above the laptop. youll find a green key here, as well as #8, but be patient, because he takes a few seconds to appear from under the desk edge. once you have him and the key, zoom back out.
  • Click on the flowers to the left of the laptop to find #5. Get him and zoom back out, then use your green key on the locked door to unlock it, and click on it once more to enter the new room. click directly above the white door in front of you to find #9 on top of the shelf. get him and zoom back out.
  • Click near the top right corner of the floor, where the dresser meets the tall door shelves. Once you've find the right spot, you will zoom into the corner to find the last dwarf (#10). take him and zoom back out. finally, 1 by 1 insert your dwarfs into the 12 shelves surrounding the white door. Once they're all in place, click the door and you're out!
That's it guys, the Dwarf Room Escape Walkthrough. Play game here.

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