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The Saboteur Walkthrough Video and Review

Prepare for The Saboteur for it will paint your game consoles (XBox 360, PC, PS3) red with its black and white open world game. Nobody expected that shooting action can be more fun in its striking art design that seamlessly mixes black and white with color together with its free play targets being a nice and interesting diversion. Also has a perk system that rewards you for being creative in the game. It also has stealth elements but it seems that it is a little underdeveloped together with its other flaws like clunky driving and melee controls and boring experience with climbing buildings makes it imperfect but still cool. The story tries to re-enact some of the history's darkest days but it fails to do it neatly. The hero of The Saboteur is a tough Irish man named Sean Devlin who sets out to dispose waves of angry German with ease. Enough of the stories. Let's see how this game looks like in the The Saboteur Walkthrough videos below.

The gameplay footage from E3.

And this one below is the part 1 of the developer walkthrough for The Saboteur.

We'll post some of The Saboteur walkthrough produced from those already played this awesome game next time we update.

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