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Escape From The Darkness Walkthrough

A short 3D point and click type of room escape game, Escape From the Darkness also has a pre-renderede graphics that is a wonderful creation of Tekorobo sponsored by The rules in this flash game are simple. Find the items and solve puzzles along as you progress through the game to make your escape from the strange and dark secret basement. Anyways, though we think this game is quite simple and easy, somebody might still be stuck in some part of it so we searched for a Escape From The Darkness Walkthrough to guide you if you mess up with the game and luckily we found one.
  • step 1- turn left, click on the white panel, take the wire. next turn left twice more, click the new white panel, and get a second wire. turn left 1 more time and click the grate by the door twice to use your 2 wires on it, now click on the door to open it.
  • step 2- in the new room, turn right, and scare the creepy looking creature by shining your light on it. finally, connect the cable in the upper part of the room.
  • step 3- turn right once more, and take a pipe. now turn left twice (back to the lockers) and click on the rightmost locker to bash it with your pipe and cause a domino effect, which will stop the fan at the other end of the room. (NOTE: this WONT work unless you've scared the creature to run into it 1st in the previous step, okay?)
  • step 4- face the elevator now, and click on the white panel to the right of it (looks a bit like a light switch panel, but its not). this will cause the elevator to fall, revealing a new room.
  • step 5- enter the elevator, turn left, and connect the cable. now turn left twice more and take the key from on top of the toolbox.
  • step 6- go back to the 1st room that was unlocked (the one with the lockers) and click on the middle locker to unlock it with your key. take the pliers and head for the new room at the other end of the elevator.
  • step 7- in the new room, turn left and connect the final cable, then turn back right and click on the right chain to cut it with your pliers, it will fall knocking an object out of the way. now click on the panel that has the small green light, and you will operate the lift and escape.
We'll post a video version of this game if ever we found one. That's all for Escape From The Darkness walkthrough.

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