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Monotone Walkthrough Tips Hints Guide | Play Online Games

Another Japanese point and click online escape game from Hiyokomame, in Monotone, you are once again locked in a room in which you have to escape from. Find necessary items and things that you can use to get out of the room where you are trapped. You must also solve the puzzles through the game. Anyways, are you devastated because you are literally stuck in the game? Well, maybe some hints can help you out. However, the full Monotone Walkthrough is yet to come so we hope that the hints below can helpyou out.

  • First dip the bear in white.
  • Then put mask and apron on.
  • Now dip in black.
  • Take mask and apron off.
  • Put bear in its place.
  • Give him the leaves.
  • Button will apear.
That's it for Monotone Walkthrough today. Watch out for it's full version.

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