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Halloween Myth Escape Walkthrough Tutorial

This game, Halloween Myth Escape, is a new point and click game released by Games2Rule for Halloween season. The story of this flash game goes something like, you play as Stingy Jack and you have tricked a devil into climbing an apple tree then placed crosses to trapped him. Days have passed and it suddenly turned into a mysterious house which you have to explore and investigate, but as you walk through the path you fell into a pit. You must escape from where you are trapped and reach the mysterious house. If you find this game very difficult, some Halloween Myth Escape Walkthrough we here might help you.

  • Go to bricks on right. open all the can be opened.
  • Exit screen you will see a chest.
  • Exit chest screen and look at the pumpkin picture on the right.
  • Copy the pumpkin picture & make sure there is a space at bottom teeth.
  • Get key to open door, go into room
  • Click the picture on the left.
  • Click the button in his hand
  • The pulley comes down.
  • Click pulley get apples. (1 hiding in leaves)
  • Feed tree apples.
  • Go down. click the brick 2x get key.
  • Click cross. Click right side of cross and find lock.
  • Get blue gem and put it in the picture on the right.
  • Give gem to trees heart (big bark sticking out under face)
  • Click right of tree and find door.
  • Put key in door and you are out.
With this Halloween Myth Escape Walkthrough it'll be easier for you to finish the game.

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