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Bot Escape Walkthrough Video and Text

Another flash point and click game by Escape Fever, Bot Escape. In this game you are stuck inside a weird hotel room and of course, you have to make your way out of that unknown place. You will find items that are necessary for you to escape. Each and item has its corresponding place. Try to find it and you should be out quickly. But, in case you are really trapped and cannot finish this game, you can refer to our Bot Escape Walkthrough below.

The following is the text version of the game walk.

First Scene:
look behind the TV and take the flashlight.
look under the dressing table chair and take the gum.
look on the floor under the TV cabinet and take the 2nd battery.

Go left to Window Scene:
pick up the JOYSTICK on the floor.
Look on the left window sill and take the FIRST BATTERY.
Look on the right wall sconce (light) and take the WIRELESS WEBCAM.
drag a battery from inventory over the joystick to give it power, then set the joystick on the computer on the couch.
Look behind the couch on the left and take the FOURTH BATTERY

Go left to the Bed Scene:
Look on the floor under the nightstand and take the ROBOT.
Click on left pillow and take the SCREWDRIVER
Click under the right side of the white spread on the left bed and take the GLUE (the game now says "Tip; you don't have to drag glue, you can now attach some item to another")
click on the lamp on the nightstand and take the THIRD BATTERY.

Go left to the Door Scene:
Look above the door and find the vent.
Use screwdriver to remove the screws (they actually just sort of come loose) and then remove the top two slats.
Now assemble the special search and rescue bot in your inventory -
Drag a battery over the to give it power
Drag the gum to the robot to get "robot gum"
Drag a battery over the webcam and then drag that over the robot to get "robot-webcam-gum"
Drag a battery over the flashlight to give it power
Drag the flashlight over the robot to get "robot-webcam-flashlight-gum".

Now put the robot assembly into the vent and go back to the computer on the couch.
Use the joystick to navigate through the ducts until you find the key
(go forward, right, forward, left, forward, and left)
Go forward one more time to get the key
The robot appears back in your inventory with the key on the far right of the inventory
use the key on the door and enjoy your escape.
If you are not satisfied with the text version of the walkthrough above, try out the video version for a more comprehensive tutorial of the game ^^.

That's it folks! Both of the versions of Bot Escape Walkthrough.

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