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Escape From The Supermarket Walkthrough

Yet another Japanese point and click game from Usawanhouse, Escape From The Supermarket will not take long to get you stuck. LOLs. It's difficult, you know? find clues and collect items that will help you solve the puzzles along the way in order to escape. Or better yet, read Escape From The Supermarket Walkthrough below from one of the lucky escapers of the game.

  • Note the key you can’t reach
  • Click on the map by the door and see the store layout
  • Note that each aisle has a number and they start numbering from the right
  • Turn right
  • Note the fish machine needs a code
  • Turn right and then go down
  • Click the white square on the counter next to the register
  • Note the produce shapes and the need for both a keycard and key
  • Go down so you are looking at two registers from above
  • Take the purple key
  • Go back up 2 times so you are in the store
  • Go left until you face the muffin stand
  • Note the muffin has a purple keyhole in it -- use the key
  • Get the yellow keycard
  • Note the carrot on the sign
  • Go left and note the fish -- also note the chain and their colored tails
  • Go left and see the man locked behind the door (poor guy!)
  • Go left and note the meat case (pig)
  • Get the green apron from the floor
  • Look at the apron in the about item view and click the right pocket -- get the note
  • The note says milk and tea, but I never figured out the use for it
  • Turn left and note the drink case
  • See the same colors as the fish tails?
  • Count ALL of the drinks for each color
  • Go left and see the bread display (very empty store!)
  • Go left until you see the fish machine again
  • Enter the numbers from the drinks and be glad no one bought any or this wouldn’t work
  • (orange, purple, and red so SPOILER938SPOILER)
  • Click the handle of the blue door and get the red key
  • Go right 2 times and use the red key on the cabinet
  • Get the wire cutters
  • Go left 4 times to face the fish display
  • Use the wire cutters and then click the white handle of the display
  • Get the stool (which smells like fish)
  • Go right 2 times and place the stool under the key
  • Get the key (duh, do I have to tell you to do everything?)
  • Go right 2 times and see the numbers in the windo
  • Go down to the register
  • Use the key and keycard on the produce shaped thing
  • Click the ok on the green screen to start it
  • You need to enter the numbers from the window using the aisle numbers
  • Each aisle had a number and a shape in it
  • The numbers start from going right as you go around the store
  • (bread, drink, pig, fish, and carrot and 13524 so SPOILERBPCDFSPOILER)
  • If you don’t hear a beep and see a yellow circle as you press the pictures, the register isn’t on!
  • When all are in, hit the red bar and see open on the register
  • Back up once and get the green key
  • Go forward into the store and the go right until you reach the poor locked man
  • WAIT!
  • For ending 1 -- use the key and free him (normal end)
  • For ending 2 -- you need something for the Escape Festival
  • Get some fish from the barrel and then unlock the door and voila!
  • Escape.
That's our Escape From The Supermarket Walkthrough for today. If you have something to add, just let us know.

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