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Demolition City 2 Walkthrough

The game that calls all pyromaniacs and bomb heads to destroy all the buildings in the whole world. Please welcome, Demolition City 2 from ArmorGames. Just like in the part one of the Demolition City, you are out to take out a building or tower in each level of the game by strategically placing explosives on them. You must be able to take down a building to the goal line in order to qualify for the next level. Anyways, if you find yourself stuck in some levels, let this video of Demolition City 2 Walkthrough help you out boom the game:

First video is the Techno Berg Walkthrough.

Below is the video of Gearsville and Fortune City walkthrough.

Here is a screenshot (you don't need):

You can also build custom buildings in the editor of the game and share with your boom buddies. That's it for now. Don't forget to share this Demolition City 2 Walkthrough with others.

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