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Princess Isabella Walkthrough Gameplay Video

All set to marry the love of her dreams, a prince named Adam, Princess Isabella finds an evil curse placed on her castle by a mysterious wicked witch. A witch that curses powerful spells on every room of the Princess' castle. How powerful the evil spells are, you ask? Well, the witch just turned everyone inside the castle into mirrors! Yeah I know, its kinda weird. Why not turn them into something else like mice or statue? Anyways, witches are weird by nature after all. Back to game walkthrough, we have here a video from a fan of the Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse hidden object video game. The video shows a little tutorial that will walk you through the game:

This is the only walkthrough video of the game we found so far but, we will post another if there will be one to surface. So keep on checking back for more updates on Princess Isabella Walkthrough.

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