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Omelette Room Escape Walkthrough|Game Walk

Another point and click escape game and another walkthrough to learn: The Omelette Room Escape Walkthrough tutorial video version. Let me give you an overview of the game. You are trapped inside an unknown room and you will have to collect several omelettes today. What a weird overview eh? Anyways, you can play Omelette Room Escape here. And you can stare at the screenshot below:

Just kidding, continue reading for the walkthrough.

Enjoy the game, and if ever you get stucked in some certain part of this game you can check out our walkthrough video below:

Just follow the instructions given in this walkthrough video of Omelette Room Escape and you should finish the game with ease. By the way, we also have here our other game walkthroughs, cheats and solutions for different games.

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