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Meteor Shower August 13th

The Meteor Shower August 13th will not be the same experience as the August 12th peak of the Perseids meteor shower. Star gazers will notice a change in the zennital hour rate of meteorites that falls within a period of time tonight. In short, you won't see as many meteors tonight, August 13, as yesterday August 12th. But, it would still be fun to watch though. The Perseids meteor shower will last until the end of this month. But, star gazers shouldn't be sad because there will be another meteor shower in October 21 this year 2009, Orionids. There is also the Leonids on November 17 and 18 and the Geminids on December 13/14. Oh, and by the way, the Armageddon in December 21, 2012. LOL.

Anyways, the meteor shower time for August 13 is the same as yesterday time. It is between midnight and dawn.

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