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District 9 Movie Review

The following is a District 9 Movie Review, a film by Neil Blomkamp. This Sci-Fi movie is an as$ kicking one. Predator, Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, Independence Day, Mars Attack and Alien all in one! LOL.

The Effects.

District 9 has got the right effects mixed with awesome modern style of camera tricks gives the viewers a realistic environment.

The Cast.

William Allen Young, Robert Hobbs, Sharlto Copley. Who are these people? LOL. This is my favorite of all the cast:

Come on humans, they just want to go home. Why won't we just let them leave?

The Story.

28 years ago, poor aliens from outer space somehow got stranded in the middle of the general population of place on earth called District 9. They must have ran out of fuel for whatever reason and they cannot leave immediately. Mingling with humas is inevitable if you are an alien and your mother ship is siiting in the middle of the general population, right? So, that story of Poor Aliens-wants to-go-home-mingling-with-humans began. All in all I give the District 9 Movie a 4 star rating. Well, who am I to judge anyway? LOL.

Meanwhile, watch the trailer of District 9 plus a cute blonde host:


Sean Weatherby said...

That new lead actor they found for District 9 did an amazing job i thought - huge character transition through the course of the movie; sometimes it's nice to see some new faces and that was definitely the case with this movie

Atul said...

Hi, nice blog. i had watch district 9 movie, it was a nice sci-fri movie.

Lonely said...

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