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Ice Room Escape Walkthrough Tutorial

Another room to escape, so we decided to give you the Ice Room Escape Walkthrough. The room is cold, obviously, and you will freeze to death if you won't get yourself out fast. Read carefully and beat the game:

First, you have to plug-in the heater and click the left switch, no the right. Then take the ice cube from the cabinet just above the couch and stick it to the heater. A key would appear. Take it and use it to two cabinets in the left below the heater.

Next steps.
4) there should be a circle puzzle and a wooden puzzle. it's pretty easy. it's pretty easy. For the circle puzzle just click on all the arm thingys until they can't move anymore and you should get a key. For the wooden puzzle just click until all the wooden sticks fall off and get another key.
5) Use the keys on the cabinets underneath the couch. You should get an iron rod and a welding torch
6) use the iron rod to chip away the 4 corners of the ice cube that's located on the left side cabinet above the couch.

Now, take the ice cube and melt it with the heater to get another key. Use the key on the bottom right cabinet just below the heater. Inside the cabinet is an eight sided puzzle. For this puzzle just click on the 3 triangles that makes the whole side light up. Click on the same triangles on each side until the thing opens up to reveal a key.

you should focus in this one because you are now about to escape the so cold ice room.

The key opens the safe which gives you the gas can. Melt the key next to the door. Get the key and escape the Ice Room.

That is our walkthrough for today, hope you escape the ice room really good.

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