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A Day In High School Walkthrough Tutorial.

The following is the text version of A Day in High School Walkthrough. Please note that I've changed some of my reference for this article and all other game walkthrough that will be posted here. Even though I found a video of this walkthrough on FREE video SHARING website of which I could freely embedd its code here, I won't post it here for some personal reasons. LOL. Sorry for the inconvenience it may cause you. Anyways, here is the text walkthrough instead:

(1) Fan press, slip falls, click on the curtain (2) Click on a refrigerator, take the bottle and backpack green box next to it (3) click several times on hand (4) to pen in trousers for boys and then at the counter woman, outraged woman and then turn left on the boys click (5) at 2 Rose click on tray, glasses take up, then lower tray beside Rose click, take a hairdryer, hair dryer on Sims between boys and M├Ądschen set, powder, then click on Rose.
Upadate: Here is the walkthrough video:

That's it. I hope you understand it. Ladies and gentlemen, the Text version of A Day in High School Walkthrough.

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cool..i think this is a nice game...