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Rose Song- A Song About A Rose.

Right now, I am listening to music, a song about a rose called every rose has it's thorn by a group named Poinson. The lyrics says: "Every rose has its thorn Just like every night has its dawn." It is a nice song.

But, the Aerosmith said in their lyrics of their song "Hole in my Soul"; "...cause your love is like a thorn without a rose..". Ha ha. I don't know if its a rose song.

And hey, Seal said: "...I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grave...". Another rose song I guess.

But, what is it with the rose songs? Searches are quite consistent according to trends. Ha ha. Maybe I'll try to listen to the radio sometimes. Is there really a song titled "Rose Song"? If ever there is actually a song with that title, it could be a song about a rose or a girl named rose, probably LOL. Oh no, I don't know what to write. This entry could be my most nonsense article ever in this blog. Keyword hi-jackers know what I am doing right now though, I know you understand.. Ha ha ha. Back to the topic, the rose song, I think it's a very nice song that is why many people are searching for it. But, I am wondering could this song about a rose also has the word "thorn" in its lyrics like the Poison's and Aerosmith's song with the word "rose" and "thorn" are present at the same time. Oh my god, this is really nonsense. Waaaah!

Ok, enough of this crap. My final keyword mention will go just about here in the last sentence of this article about the Rose Song.

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