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My Blog Addiction and its Symptoms

Today is a bad day and I am writing about the symptoms of blog addiction. I woke up at about 10 am today to find out i have a fever and the world is like a spinning warp zone. Like a portal to an unknown universe, the colors were all mixed up. I was struggling to get up. My throat seems dry. It feels like I could drink a thousand litters of liquid. I staggered myself to the sink to wash my face, but, before I reach there the world turned dark and oh my, am I going to die now? But, I stood still and the world started to show its colors again. Brushing my teeth, the tooth paste tastes like bitter melon but it made me feel so hungry like I could eat a cow. That brought me back the thought that I did not eat supper last night. Oh and gee, I remember that I forgot to eat dinner because I was too sleepy, and I fell asleep with my stomach empty. Is this a sign or symptom of being an addict in blogging? Up to now, the time is 10:12 pm, still got little fever and headache. My arms and fingers are not working well. I can't think good enough and it seems my grammar is getting worse. Maybe I should take a day off from blogging and go out, drink some beer or other flammable liquid or play video games or do some exercise like sleeping all day and dreaming of me being a basketball hero. He he. Seriously, maybe I really should take a break for a while. My eyes feels like they're bleeding every time I look at my monitor. And my hands, they're not feeling well. Occasional pains and muscle twitching. I think I'll get a hand grip to get my hands some good exercise.

Blogging Addiction and its Symptoms.

You start to sleep late. Very late.
You are not playing your favorite video games anymore.
Your eyes hurt in the morning and before you sleep.
Oily face.
Pimples are present and are coming in numbers.
You are using large mug or tumbler for your coffee and you still can't get enough.
Hands and fingers aches.
Head aches frequently but you still don't take medicine.
You feel bad when you are not blogging.
Just looking at your blog's homepage makes you smile.
You are forgetting to reply to your girlfriend or boyfriend's text messages.
When you google for something, you look at the number of search results first.

They are so many, but, I can't seem to write them down now... I'll update this later. Maybe mental block is one of the symptoms of blog addiction.


deejayz said...

adik ka na nga!

Yami said...

Hi. napadaan lang po. actually, i can relate to the signs and symptoms of blog addiction that you mentioned. lol :D

tagalogblogger said...

@ deejayz and Yami

salamat sa pagdalo sa aking blog.

Lamia said...
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