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Miguel Cotto Wins Over Joshua Clottey via Split Decision.

That's right, Miguel Cotto wins over Clottey in the evening bout of the national Puerto Rican Day parade. Cotto overcomes the cut on his face caused by an accidental headbutt and brutal blows from Clottey. In the third round, Miguel Cotto's blood was puring down his face that made it more difficult for him to dodge punches from Joshua Clottey. But, he overcomes that wound and still won the bout to a narrow split decision.

The Referee Don Trella and John McKaie both scored for Cotto (116-111, 115-112) while the score for Clottey from Tom miller had it 114-113. The AP scored for Cotto with 116-112.

And that makes it Miguel Cotto the winner via split decision.

Here is a screen shot:

Above is a photo from the boxing match between Miguel Cotto and Joshua Clottey.

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