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Interenet: A typographical error or something more?

As you can notice in the title of this post, the word internet is misspelled as interenet. I hate it when I do this mistake. Sometimes, when I am blog hopping, I often make mistakes typing my misspelled URL in the shout boxes of other blogs. Gee, that's hassle for me since it is my blog's URL. What annoys me more is that I even have it in the labels of my post. But, somehow I think this mistake is something more than just a typographical error.

I did a little research about misspelled words and found out that this particular mistake of typing the word internet as
interenet have me not alone. There were some hundreds of thousands others that are making this mistake and bunch of other people using the internet also makes this typographical error. They were relatively huge according to statistics. In fact in the last thirty days from the time of writing this, there were some thousands of them who typed in the word 'interenet'. That fascinates me. Ha ha. Am I fascinated with errors or what? So, what good thing it is for me to have?

Let us take a closer look at the subject.


This word is properly spelled. There are no extra letters in it. I typed it in correctly because my eyes are focused on the monitor while I am typing this.


As I was typing this word on the blogger post editor, it was underlined red indicating that it is misspelled, but I ignored it because I intend to type it that way. But, why are there lots of others that makes this error? I think it is because many internet users are focusing on the keyboard instead on the screen when they type the keys that is why they don't notice that they're making typographical errors. Now, you can see that there is an extra letter E after the letter R that makes it the word "
interenet". I can say that their (letters E and R) placement on the keyboard are really prone to such mistakes. This makes it very interesting to me.

For now I wont tell you what I am up to with this subject. I don't want you to lose focus from building backlinks for your blog. I am still doing some experiment on this subject of misspelled words. Actually this post is a part of the experiment. And as soon as it prove something to be useful in our paano kumita ng pera sa
interenet topic, I will let you know.

Later folks.


The Ineterenet Typing Error.

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