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Honda XRM or Suzuki Raider?

I am planning to buy a cheap motorcycle that will fit my skinny built and satisfy my need for speed. That is why I am considering these two brands of underbone motorcycle, Honda XRM (125 cc and Suzuki Ryder R 150).

The Honda XRM and its feature.

I learned that the newest released of Honda XRM has a 125 cc engine and was designed to be tough on rough roads. Its look is the same as the old version xrm 110 except for some little changes like a higher suspension and the sticker design to have a more dynamic look. It has a knuckle guard to protect your hands when you try to crash it on a wall or do something as insane as that. It also has the new hydraulic disc so that when you try to crash it in to the wall but suddenly you changed your mind and don't want to die yet, you can have a firm and smooth stop thus saving the new knuckle guard from being shattered. It has an upgraded Euro II clean air world standard so its emission is less poisonous and hazard. Its fuel tank capacity is 3.8 liters. It has 93 kg dry weight. The wheel base is 1265 mm. Has free battery maintenance. And oh, it has a convenient push start button for a quick start when you feel like not kicking the kick starter (of course).

The XRM 125 looks like this:

click picture to enlarge

The Suzuki Raider and its feature.

The latest release is the Raider R 150. It has a 147.3 cc engine, 4 valve 4 stroke. It has a cooling system- air cooled. Not air conditioned, okay? It's impossible. It has a front and rear disc brakes. It has mag wheels. The Raider R 150 uses unleaded gasoline of 91 octaine and up. It has a rear suspension- swing arm with mono shock up and telescopic shock up for the front. The fuel tank capacity is up to 4.9 liters unlike the XRM that has only a 3.8 liter capacity. You can enjoy the clutch transmission and its 6 speed constant mesh (one down and five up).

The Suzuki Raider R 150 looks like this:

click photo to enlarge

So what do you think? XRM or Raider?


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RAIDER 150......