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Make Money With TSU Social Network

Tsu, another new social network to hit the interwebs this year. But no, it's not just another new player that has nothing of significance to offer to social interneting. It's initially backed by Sancus Capital Prive with an investment to the tune of 7 million dollars!

Popular news sites around the web wrote articles about Tsu's launch which happened October 21. Even Fox News did an interview with it's founder Sebastian Sobczak. Yes, that surname sounds weird but then again, Zuckerberg is also a weird surname lol.

Anyways, what's to be hyped up about this Tsu social network is that it wants to pay its users in the form of royalties. In other words, users will get a cut of the site's revenue. How much? Tsu says that it will pay users 90 percent of the sites revenue. Why? Because Tsu believes that social media users are also content creators who deserves royalties whenever their content are monetized. Fair enough, right?

More and more geek netizens are joining Tsu by the flocks as I type this. Some members reported making as much as $1 a day already. But TSU is currently an "invite-only" that means you can only join through an invitation like this one here.

Fox Business coverage on TSU.

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