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New Chito and Neri Naig Scandal Video Part 2 goes viral

Chito and Neri Naig Scandal Video Part 2_screenshot.A video titled Chito Miranda and Neri Naig sex scandal part 2 is  now taking the rounds in social networking sites and blogs around the web. The said scandal video is 11 minutes in length which beats the Wally Bayola video at that aspect. :D

The number of shares and likes every copy of this video is now uncountable making it go viral upon its release to the web.

Netizens, particularly Facebook users were abuzz once again when pages which are solely built for showcasing Chito and Neri part 2 video suddenly pop up gathering thousands of fans but many of them did not last the day and was immediately removed. However, according to netizens, one can still view the video at Boy Bastos' blog or download it via torrent.

Miranda and the rest of his band is currently in Ireland doing shows there and no one has confirmed yet if they have knowledge of the leakage of their video. I'm guessing they've already watched it.

Anyways, yun lang. You may leave a comment about this Chito Miranda and Neri Naig scandal video part 2 or share this news to your fb friends.

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