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Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Bean Died 2013 is Hoax!

Rowan Atkinson Mr. Bean Died 2013 HoaxIf you read posts saying Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean died while trying to save a young actress on a scene gone wrong, don't believe it. Because it's a hoax. In fact, apart from being a false news, it is also a scam that will lead you to install a rogue app that requests permission to access your profile info and post to your timeline allowing the misleading fake "Mr. Bean died" post to reproduce.

If you have already clicked the link and have the post appearing on your  timeline, delete it immediately so your friends won't be misled too. After that, go to your Account Settings then go to Apps and remove the rogue app. Again, news about some dead famous celebrity will be aired on the news first or posted on ligitimate news websites.

This has been a public service announcement from yours trully, Mingkoy ang taong kumikita ng extra income sa internet. Stay safe guys!

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