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Tony Farmer, High School Basketball Star, Fainted in Court After Hearing His Sentence (Video)

An Ohio high school basketball star Tony Farmer Collapsed in court after hearing the judge's verdict on his case Tuesday.

Tony Farmer (courtesy: Fox News)
The 18 year old senior student of Garfiel Heights High School is accused of assaulting, threatening and kidnapping his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Lane, after she refused to reconcile their relationship last April.

The verdict was given by Judge Pamela Barker stating that he has to serve three years in prison. Upon hearing his sentence, Tony Farmer fainted and collapsed to the floor but was pulled back to his feet by sheriff's deputy after briefly remaining on the floor.

Mr. Farmer is forward and was ranked among the top 100 high school players in the country and was being eyed by several major colleges to be part of their team.

Watch the court video showing Tony Farmer collapsing upon hearing his sentence below courtesy of Fox News:

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