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Why Switch from Old Blogger Template to New Template?

Old blogger Template to New Template.
Yes, I changed the layout of this blog and opted in to using the new template provided by Blogger. So why did I choose to switch from old minima template to the new template? It's because of a few reasons: one, the old layout is getting so boring and I think that a change of the appearance may look nicer and exciting. Two, in this new layout, I can properly install neat navigation buttons which I find it hard doing in the old layout of this blog. I want a simple, professional looking yet fast loading layout for my blog and so far the new layout covers them (at least for me). And the ultimate reason why I switched from old to new template is because somebody pushed me to do so. Yes, it's big brother G. Big G is cleaning up the web and apparently, those blogs using old blogger templates are on top of the list that needed be checked. It's based only on my observation though so you may or may not believe it or abide with it. With that being said, I must tell you that you should be careful now on choosing templates that you will use in your blogger blogs. In my experience, using templates that were also used a lot by 'not so good sites' i.e. sites that contains for 18 + contents, may  harm your blog in terms of serps ranking or worst may be deleted for eternity (for spammy reasons) so only use templates that are trusted.

So how to switch from old template to new blogger template? Follow the steps below:

1. Login to you blogger account.
2. Click 'Edit HTML"
4. Download Full Template (for back up purposes in case you don't like the results)
5. Click the 'Design' button.
6. Click Template Designer.

From there you can choose from the new templates (the trusted ones) or design your own. Click 'apply to blog' when your done picking your choice. You can also adjust some things in there like background color, fonts attributes, width of sidebar and footer layout.

Of course, there's also set back in this course of action. Your tweakings that you've done previously in the html box along with the verification codes of third party analytics and parsed javascript codes (if there's any) will probably be swept in to the void - that is only if you didn't back up your template. Some widgets will be lost and some will be retained. Just reinstall the lost widgets accordingly.

In terms of serps rankings, you may experience a temporary drop but as I said it's just temporary. Just keep on posting new entries and you'll be okay. Just keep all your entries clean. Minimized the use of copy pasted materials - yes, we all have a few of them - those who say they don't have, may raise their non-copy-pasted hand ^^. Again, I am only writing this from experience. Results of switching from old blogger template to new template may still vary. Switch at your own risk. I say "take the risk".

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