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Cherry Superion, Galaxy Tab and Archos 70 Price and Specifications

Cherry Superion, Galaxy Tab and Archos 70 are our good choice of 7 inch Android tablets for this upcoming holiday. Another set of gadgets that the techy folks are longing to have. Prices and specs of these tablets below:

Superion and Galaxy Tab both offers 3G plus Wi-Fi connectivity while Archos offers Wi-Fi only connectivity. According to Abe Olandres of Yugatech (the leading gadget review sites in RP). the Cherry Mobile Superion offers a good balance between features and price point and that Galaxy Tab's advantage would be the faster processor and internal storage. It would have been more compelling if they used AMOLED but it would be pricey, too, on the other hand.
The Arhos 70 is more of multimedia tablet -- much like an iPad Wifi-only. It has 250GB internal storage HDD and it is the cheapest among the three tablets having only priced at around PHP17K.
Reference to the comparative table above and let us know what would you choose among these three tablets.

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