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Finders Seekers Walkthrough

Finders Seekers Walkthrough.
Finders Seekers Mystery of Stonecliff as you may already know is a new point and click adventure game developed by Atomic Cicada. At first you may find the navigation in this game to be little disorienting but you will get along with it and once you get the hang of it, you are ready to get stuck. What? Yes, though facing a stop point this game is not always the case for all the players, there is a good chance that you might run out of ideas how you will able to solve the puzzles as you progress through the game hence leaving you stuck on it and lost. But fear not for there is always a walkthrough for most games such of this one.
Following are some hints that can be useful to accomplishing Finders Seekers:
C/U = Moon
O = Sun
V/A = Pyramid
N/Z = Lightning
I/H = Eye
W/E = Hand
Full Finders Seekers walkthrough

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