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Apples in the Tree Walkthrough

An apple a day keeps the doctor away so always remember that you must consume one apple per day or you'll be sick and be rushed to the hospital. Yeah, yeah, you're not here for some health buff tips, you're here for newgrounds' Apples in the Tree walkthrough or perhaps the medal guide for the game. Don't worry, it is here. Right down there if you would scroll down a little more. The complete how to beat guide and solution to the Apple in the Tree game that will change your point of view about apples. In this game, you play as a long legged girl that the objective is to reach a fruit of an apple tree that she will use in a ritual. A ritual that is in no way connected to keeping the doctor away. Nonetheless, it's an awesome platformer game and pretty fun to play.

 Apples in the Tree game may have a different ending depending on how you play every scenario in it.

Update: Apples in the Tree written walkthrough from dimono in newgrounds.

This is a guide for Apples in the Tree. It might be the most stylistic medal game yet, with a great atmosphere and lots of things to do in such a small space. Because of how the medals relate to the game, I'm actually going to describe the game and its features first, and put the medals at the end. Trust me, it will make more sense this way.
Getting to the Tree
The point of the game is to keep getting to the apple tree so you can pick its apples. When you do so the first three times there's a skippable cutscene and dream sequence, and then you wake up in your bed. The last time is an unskippable cutscene, and the end of the game. You get to the tree in 4 ways, and they must be done in order.
1) Through the tunnel. Enter the house to the left, and there's a tunnel there. Enter the tunnel and walk to the left until you find the elevator, and take it up. Grab an apple.
2) Through the cave. Pass the house on the left and keep walking, and you'll enter a cave. The fourth log is on a geyser, so wait for it to land and jump on, and it will rise you up. When at the top, jump off to the right and continue along the path until you finally emerge at the tree. Grab an apple.
3) Over the cliff. Enter the house on the left and climb the ladder to get on the roof, then run off to the left (or jump if you're not confident) and climb the cliff. Proceed to the left along the cliff until you drop down at the tree. Grab an apple.
4) Catching a ride. You'll wake up and it will be raining. Go to the right and the cave there will be flooded with logs floating in it. Jump across the logs and you'll emerge in a new area. Depending how you've interacted with people so far, there are two possibilities: either you'll encounter a dude hanging from a tree and you can save him, or he won't be there and when you try to go to the right you'll drop into a pit, and he'll save you. Either way you end up at the tree again. Grab the last apple.
1) Kill the bugs. In the house to the right, a girl is hiding under her bed because she's afraid of the bugs downstairs. Take the elevator down and kill them. There's also a giant pumpkin on the screen to the right.
2) Save the kitty. When you walk to the right far enough, the screen changes to the opening of a cave. Jump over the opening and you'll find a girl whose kitty is stuck in the forest. Keep going to the right to find the kitty, then jump on branches to get back.
3) Save the pumpkins. When you run, any small pumpkins underfoot will be crushed as you step on them. Instead, when you head to the left, walk through the pumpkin patch rather than running.
4) Get the guitar. When you go to the left past the pumpkin patch there's a house with someone sitting outside it. He won't give you back your key unless you give him your guitar. Your guitar is in the cupboard in your house. The kid will throw the key at you after you give him the guitar, and you can either let it go or beat him to a pulp.
5) Find the box. When you enter the house and climb the stairs, you'll encounter a girl who's lost something in the cave. The cave is the second route you take to get to the apple tree. When inside you'll have to jump some logs, and the last one shoots into the air on a stream of water to enable you to continue. Ride it up, and rather than jumping off to the right, jump off to the left. The box is on the ledge there.
6) Deliver the letter. Further on in the cave, you'll have three hollows you can go in, all of which have someone inside. Enter the third one and the person there will give you a letter to deliver to someone. That someone is in the first hollow, so when you get the letter just backtrack your steps a little and deliver it.
7) Save the bird. When you go up on the roof of the house past the pumpkin patch, there's a second ledge below the one that's obvious. That ledge has a small bird in an egg. Grab it before proceeding across the upper ledge on your third trip to the apple tree. When making your way on that trip, there is a cave opening that doubles back below you to the right, in which is the bird's mother. Give her the egg.
There are four dreams in dreamland, each of which gives you a medal for completing them. There's also a medal for entering all 4 dreams in the same game. In order to get to dreamland, go into your house and up to the bed. Click on the bed to lie down in it, and then wait. After about 10 seconds you'll fall asleep, and wake up in dreamland.
1) Goodnight Demon Slayer. You get here by running off to the left. You have limited time to kill all the demons that pop up. You kill them by jumping or running on them. The easiest way to kill them all is to run all the way to the right, which will kill some incidentally, and then make your way to the left by running. When you're on your way to the left, whenever you get to a demon that doesn't die right away just run quickly back and forth over it and it will eventually get caught underfoot and die.
2) The Beast of Pirate's Bay. You get here by dropping into the water and then running to the left. Run left and up, then double back below that path to get the key. Proceed down and right until you get to the door, and use the key on it. Drop down and you'll see what looks like a harpooned whale. Pull out all the harpoons (you'll have to jump for the last one) and save the Beast.
3) Tornado of Souls. You get here by jumping and running off to the right. Hold down your shift bar and make a break for it! It will take a few tries, but your goal is to make it to the hangar before the tornado reaches you. You may also collect Sharon Osbourne along the way.
4) Children of the Grave. Drop down the hole to the right. You can jump much higher here, and you'll see all the future tombstones of various personalities on Newgrounds. If you go to the right, you'll encounter the head of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King. If you go to the left, you'll encounter Ozzy Osbourne. If you've rescued Sharon already, he'll sign your arse. Spend as much time in the cemetery as you like, and when you're done jump off the edge of the world to wake up.
Medals: 12 for 330 points (will be 405 when the last two are approved)
Children of the Grave (5pts) - Reach the graveyard. As described above, enter the fourth dream.
Coward (5pts) - Just leave. When you get to the dude hanging from the tree, you can choose to run past him to the right, where you will find a boat. Click on the boat and you'll push off from shore to get the medal. If he's not hanging from the tree, you can't get this medal.
Dreamer (10pts) - Enter all 4 dreams in a single game.
Skull Beneath the Skin (10pts) - Wear the Vic Rattlehead mask. After getting your key back, go back to the cupboard in your house and you'll be able to open the locked box there. The mask is the one that's not a piggy bank.
Mrs Nice Girl (25pts) - You are such a sweet sweet thing. Do a bunch of the miniquests as you play the game.
When You're Evil (25pts) - Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need. Don't do any miniquests except getting your guitar. Take revenge on the kid for throwing the key, and crush all the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.
Gray Fox (0pts - will be 25) - Neither Enemy nor Friend. Leave the pumpkin patch alone and don't do any quests. Basically, don't interact with anyone. This is how you get the ending where you fall in the pit trap and the dude saves you.
Goodnight Demon Slayer (50pts) - Slay 20 demon bastards. In the first dream, kill all the demons.
The Beast of Pirate's Bay (0pts - will be 50) - Help The Beast of Pirate's Bay. Finish the second dream.
Tornado of Souls (50pts) - Escape the Tornado of Souls. Finish the third dream. Collecting Sharon Osbourne is optional for this medal.
Smashin Pumpkins (50pts) - Just smash EVERY single pumpkin. This means the ones in the pumpkin patch, the one downstairs in the house to the right, and the head of Jack Skellington in the fourth dream.
Fan Number 1 (100pts) - Get an autograph from Ozzy. Rescue Sharon from the third dream, and deliver her to Ozzy in the fourth dream. Saving Sharon and getting out alive is hard, and takes almost perfect gameplay of the third dream, hence this medal's high point value.
Neat Things
If you click on the giant plant at the start of the game, it will lower a ledge for you to step on. If you ride it up you can jump on top of the plant, then jump off to the right to land on top of your house and talk to someone.
There's a random piggy bank in your closet. It doesn't do anything but look nice.
If you go to sleep with the mask on, it will still be on you when you're dreaming.
In the closet, there's a poster on the right that says Credits. Click it to read the credits and listen to an awesome song. Seriously, it's worth doing.

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