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Weirdozo Escape Walkthrough

Weirdozo Escape, ha! I could have make this article neat but that strange and irritating sound this game makes every time you've found an item almost killed me. Okay, that's a little too far but my head aches as I write this and I may be seeking medical attention as you read this. Good job ampgames! Very well, in this weird escape game you play as a guy from Poland and was kidnapped by the bad guy named Weirdozo. Anyways, I know that you might as well got stuck at this game like me, thank that strange irritating sound, so I thought of finding and posting here a Weirdozo Escape Walkthrough, yes a guide of some sort to playing and beating that game. Decrease the volume of the speakers now, watch and enjoy.

That's it for your Weirdozo Escape Walkthrough video and I hope that sound didn't hit you. Later folks. Aw my head. Hey wait, also check out my previous post here--> Credit Card Escape Walkthrough

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