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Wayfinder Episode One Walkthrough

I am currently playing this new point and click adventure game from hyptosis titled Wayfinder Episode One when all of a sudden in the middle of 'being stuck', it came to my mind that I should go and see if there is a walkthrough or guide of some kind. So I did a little search on the internet and guess what? I found a Wayfinder Episode One Walkthrough video in a video site that is well known in the internet. Yes, its youtube. So what I did next is post that video here, thought to myself "wow, it's been a while since I last post a game walkthrough on this blog.". Anyway, here's the video of Wayfinder Episode One Walkthrough. Enjoy!

 If you get here in this Wayfinder Episode One Walkthrough page of mine, then that's good news. Cheers!

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