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Rotating Brownouts Sucks!

Rotating brownouts in the Philippines is pissing me off. Yes, I am mad because this evenly distributed power interruptions keep on hitting our area. Maybe it's because we are located at the edge of a city close to the boundary. We've experienced 4 or 5 power interruptions that lasted up to 2 hours each since last month and I don't know which of those are included in the rotating brownouts. What pisses me off is that it always happen when I am doing something important i.e. blogging, charging my battery emptied phone or playing Red Alert 3 (okay, this is not very important but man, I am about to finish a challenge!). I don't know how this rotating brownouts came about with the power companies. What I know is we need a better energy source. The ones that will not cause power interruptions. Or better yet we need a better government. The ones that will not cause us these kinds of sloppy service. If only all of the basic stuffs needed to run a country is owned by the people, maybe it would be a better place. Privatizations of power companies did a really good job on sucking our hard earned money out of our tiny pockets. Why not have a nuclear power plant in the Philippines? Risky? Dangerous? Maybe. But all of the powerful and successful countries have them. So why not we have one? It could save us a lot from this power interruptions. If this is not a good idea, the why does bigger countries have them? I think one factor that is preventing us from having a nuclear reactor is the international communities. The bigger nations sees having a nuclear plant means nuclear weapons. Lol! Am I talking conspiracies now? Anyways, I hope the rotating brownouts won't hit me on the face as I hit the 'publish' button right. about. now.

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