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God of War 3 III walkthrough

Yes, the ultra violence game third installment is here! God of War 3 III due for release on March 16, 2010 for PlayStation 3. Prepare for an exhilarating combat experience that will end to Krato's saga. As usual, you'll be amazed by the outstanding visuals- the graphics are really tasty. More challenging and diverse boss battles. The combat in God of War 3 is not much different from its predecessors (part 1 and 2) but there are some control tweaks and new moves. No more coward adversaries that manage to dodge Kratos' whirling blade can go far because of the bow you can accquire early on the game. And it isn't tied to your magic meter anymore. There are four unlockable unique tools but they;re just the same in the aspect of basic moves. Now you can switch to another weapon in the push of a button. The defense is now more forgiving than the previous God of War games and its true that your every action is responsive and entertaining. Thanks to its ultra precise controls that is the tough backbone of every action you make. Here's a video of God of War 3 walkthrough (the Demo version).

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Stay tuned for the full version God of War 3 walkthrough, we'll have it posted here soon.

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