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Content Scraper Sites Kicked Me In The Face Really Hard

Content scrapers are sites that copies your content (including the grammatical and typographical errors) and pastes it in their website. Because of content scraper sites this ugly blog now sits in the very depths of the search engines' index. True that I gained massive link backs from those scrapers but on the other hand it got me lose ranks in the serps. *sigh* Experts say that overtime I will benefit from these content scrapers because of the backlinks that it gives. But as of now this blog suffers from it. Almost every new post I make is not being indexed anymore by search engines. With that, I lose traffic. Apparently, the content thieves really like what I post here that they syndicate all of its content thus having their content scraping frenzy on autopilot. Yeah, I want to sue all of them for stealing my content but I decided to just find another way to solve this issue. I want them to continue linking to me without outranking me. But I still don't know how on earth to do it. I need advice from others who know to remedy this problem. I must admit that this is the most annoying problem I have encountered in my blogging career that I think I cannot solve alone. I don't want to stop and shut down this blog. It's been a very important part of my free hosted blogging career ;) Thanks in advance blogosphere people!


NJ Mijares said...

goodluck sa laban mo sir

mingkoy said...

@NJ Mijares..

salamat po. ^^