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Ang Konti ng Pera Sa Internet | Few Money on The Internet LOL!

It's nearly the end of the first quarter of this year and I can say that I only made little money online this part of the year with this blog. The PR of this blog increased to PR4, as expected after a few optimization and link building. Last year I nearly made it big time with this blog. I was making decent money off it and ready to rake in some more when content scrapers and other spam sites made me their favorite target. This site is now penalized by the search engines particularly, the Big G. The earnings went on a nose dive and hit the ground head first. I was devastated. But, it's okay since I know that time will heal the wounds of this ugly blog as long as I continue to work on it. I now have an idea what I've done wrong on this one. And that was over optimization. Yes, it just so happen that I over optimized this blog and with that it became prone not only to penalty but to those content thieves (scrapers) that syndicates over optimized pages. Webmasters must also consider the functionality of their site/blog. Must try to be user friendly and not just focus on optimizing for the search engines. So expect to see some changes (again) on this blog. Maybe I'll start it with putting some nice navigation links. =)


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