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SEO, I Don't Blog You Anymore

Ok, I'll try to come up with something useful today and I'll try to write it in English this time (in a more understandable English). But in case you find some grammatical errors, just ignore it will 'ya? I have been making money with this blog for quite some time now and I am so thankful for that. But, I think I have a problem with this blog's standings in the SERPs so I am trying to investigate and resolve it. I think this blog is experiencing the wrath of Big G's de-indexing and most likely my new posts won't be indexed in the search results. I am blogging about games lately and I ranked high in some of my post under that topic. I even hit the top for some of the major phrases that I aimed for. It was so cool for this simple free hosted blog to achieve those kinds of, uhm, achievements. hehe. I am actually laughing while I type this. I don't know why but I think it's funny that I don't blog about making money online here anymore. The niche and SEO stuff, I don't blog about them anymore here. I kinda feel guilty somehow because I was blogging about how you can earn from a free hosted blog like this one you're reading right now (if you cared to read, lol) but when people go0gled for "Pera Sa Internet", they were taken to the homepage of this blog where an article about another topic not related to the term being searched is posted. Yes, this blog sits on top of the search results for the key phrase "Pera Sa Internet". Actually this blog has a double index for that phrase. I feel guilty for not posting tagalog entries about blogging and earning from it anymore. Haays.. Although a lot of people say that this blog is informative, I think I am not providing all the knowledge and information that I know about blogging. It's so sad that I cannot find time to write about them anymore. I think this site does not deserve to be seated on top of the serp anymore.. Okay, that's emoovereacting.. All I wanna say to you, the reader, is thank you for reading this blog. You are free and welcome to read my posts about making money gamit ang blog and pera sa internet if that is what you are here for. You can expect more related articles about it in the future but please also understand that It may take me some time to write about it. Meanwhile, you can check out Marhgil Macuha's Make Money Online Philippines, a very wonderful blog from a person that I don't really know but he's a very humble guy. His blog is one of those I learned from about SEO. I hope this will be a useful post for ya'll.

Sir Marhgil, paki-estima po ang mga bisita.. hehe. Thanks! ^^

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