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Boom Escape Walkthrough

Boom Escape is a point and click room escape game from EscapeFever that will blow your mind. An escape game with no doors and no keys, only explosives. But yet its just another awesome flash game to play and it's fun too. Here's Boom Escape Walkthrough guide we've found.
1. Zoom on the lower left side of the glass cabinet and take TNT (1) then zoom out.
2. Zoom in the lower shelf with folders and take the Demolition Plan then zoom out.
3. Zoom in the vase inside the right top shelf of glass tower and notice part of a code [3/3], where numbers 4 and 5 are blue then zoom out.
4. Zoom in the white vase inside the right bottom shelf and take the Tape then zoom out and go right.
5. Notice another part of the code [1/3] where number 1 is yellow. Take another (partially visible) TNT (2) from the floor, behind the chair. Zoom in the left cactus and take the marker; zoom out.
6. Zoom in the gray square on the left side of your screen and take TNT (3); zoom out and go right.
7. Zoom under the couch and take TNT (4); zoom out
8. Zoom in the plants and take TNT (5) from there, zoom out and go right.
9. Zoom in the upper part of the speaker to the left of laptop and take the Detonator; zoom out and go right.
10. Notice the final part of the code [2/3] where number 2 is red and 3 is yellow. Go right and down.
11. Take the last TNT (6) from the floor (quite visible) and go down to return to the previous view with the tiled wall.
12. Drag your marker from your inventory to the tiled wall to mark the spots where the TNT sticks should be placed. Drag the tape to each stick of dynamite to have them ready to place them by dragging them into the spots where a red circle appears. Finally drag the Detonator to the right bottom corner of your screen to wire it; notice that now we need a 4 digits code to set it up. Go left twice.
13. Zoom on the stereo under the laptop and click on the 5 buttons to enter the colors from the code we've been finding. Click then on the gray wheel on the right to make a new code appear in the screen above the colors; remember it, zoom out and go right twice.
14. Now you're ready to activate the detonator. Enter the code taken from the stereo and click on the detonator handle to make the dynamite sticks explode and you're out and you have just finished the game.
Anyways, we've got this Boom Escape Walkthrough at EscapeGames24. Thanks to all the people over there.

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