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10 Door 2 Walkthrough

10 Door 2 is the second and latest episode of its series of Japanese point and click type room escape game from MiyaB Flash, in which you are once again locked inside a room and you must get out of the room but to do so you must find items and solve puzzles first. Anyways, here's a 1o Door 2 Walkthrough to help you out with this game.

Level 1-
Click the button on the right to open the door.
Level 2-
Lift the door with your mouse and put it on the hanger. This might be a little tricky.
Level 3-
Lift the door and take it as far away as possible. Then let go, so it goes back to it's place. After 10(?) times the door will break.
Level 4-
Open the door and click the bunny, it will enter the room. Click the doorknob to close it again. Click the hot spot on the door (close to the top). Click the bunny and it will turn around and jump high into the door. After a few times it will break the door open with his head.
Level 5-
Click the doorknob 2 times. Then wait and the door will open itself.
Level 6-
Spin your mouse around the cat's head, the cat's eyes will follow. She gets dizzy and falls over. Click the doorknob.
Level 7-
Lift the door close to the floor and tear it off
Level 8-
Take the coin on the right and 'scratch' the door away.
Level 9-
Click the doorknob 2 times. Then click the woman's face. She starts crying. Make her cry 3 times, till she looks all sad. Then click the door knob again.
Level 10-
Notice the gray spot in the right corner. Click it, it's a key. Then click on the door knob and your out.

Our source for this 10 Door 2 Walkthrough is EscapeGames24.

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