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Wooden House Escape Walkthrough

Wooden House Escape is the latest point and click escape game created from Rhosus. The scenarion in this game: you spent New Year in your friend's house but you don't remember anything about the past late hours that night. All you can recall is that you were at your friend's house and you had lots of fun then it went blank. When you woke up the next morning and found out that you are all alone in the house. Apparently, the doors are locked and obviously you can't get out of the house.
  • Start by going right three times (3x)
  • Then in the dining room, take a key by clicking the pitch then go right.
  • In the kitchen, open the right cupboard and take another key, hidden under some plates. Turn on the stove (second dial from bottom) and open the water faucet; take the pan on the left, fill it up with water and put it on the fire. Wait for a 3-numbers code forming from steam. Go right.
  • You can now open the doors in the right by dragging both your keys to the locks Note: you'll know the doors have been unlocked when the keys disappear. Now, enter the lower room.
  • In the bedroom, Open the bottom drawer in the right cupboard. Take the blue puzzle and solve it; learn the code (letter and circles). Leave the room.
  • Now enter to the room in front of you.
  • In the bathroom Zoom in to the washing machine and turn the left dials according to the code given by the puzzle (letter and position of the white circle), and click the numbers from the steam code in the right panel. Take a new key from the washing machine; zoom out. Leave the room.
  • In the main bedroom, click on the wooden tiles, once each, to switch them in a vertical position and turn the lights on by clicking the switches at both sides of the bed Note: apparently you have to turn on the right light first, then the left one. Take the paper with the password. Leave the room and go back into the other...
  • In the bedroom, Use your new key to open the upper doors in the cupboard next to the bed. Zoom in and put your password in the machine, click OK and then the right circular button. Take the final key. Leave the room. Go right two times (2X) and get out through the main door.
That's all we have for Wooden House Escape Walkthrough. Play game here.

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