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Snatch's Room Walkthrough

Snatch's Room Escape From Dr Sabotage Design is the latest point and click flash game by EmbedGames. Basically, this game is inspired by the Saw movie. In this game, you have 10 minutes to leave the room or else you know what happens. Find the way to exit the room. we found over at EscapeGames24. Anyways, here is a Snatch's Room Walkthrough.
First view: Door you are trying to escape
Click on the floor board to the right of the rug and to the left of the arrow near the bottom of the screen. Inside you will get a gear and a pair of chopsticks.
Look at the 4 paintings. The bottom left painting has a coin. It's in a bluish circle near the bottom left.

Couch view:
Notice the key in the chandelier, you'll get that later.
Click on the wallpaper above the shelf and to the left of the plant. It reveals a safe that needs a key.
Click on the wooly rug in the upper right corner to get a cassette tape.

Laptop view:
Use your chopsticks on the anatomy poster. It will reveal an air duct plate. Use your coin on the air duct plate. You get a UV lamp.
Click on the shelf above laptop about 4 books in from the right to get a gold bank card. Notice the name on the card "WULFEN".

Big TV view:
Insert your cassette in the player on middle left side. Turn it on by clicking to the left of where you put the tape in. It starts playing music but also vibrates the room (that's very important). You can turn it off again by clicking in the spot again.
Turn the TV on by clicking the TV all the way at the bottom right. It's snowy. Use your UV lamp by moving it over the screen. The words on the bottom tell you that you can read it and the password is: NEST ( note: you can turn the television off again to stop the static noise).

Couch view:
Notice the vibrations knocked your key down on the magazines. Take the key and use it on the safe. You get second gear.
Use your UV lamp on the underside of the couch on the left. A yellow paperclip will pop up in your inventory.

Laptop view:
Use yellow paperclip on bottom cabinet draw. You will get third gear.
Now we can log in to the computer. Click the laptop. Name = WULFEN Password = NEST You will get an id number, they change each time.

Big tv view:
Use your gold bank card on the right cabinet door under the stereo. It will open and give you 4th and final gear.

Door view:
Click the security pad to enter your code.
Notice the painting next to the security pad opened up. Here's where you place your gears
The idea is to get them from the left to the right all rotating. So place one on the top left. One right below that (note: not the very left hole the one to the right of that). Next one to the right of that. And finally the very bottom hole. Click the green button. Watch the spinning and then yank the door is open and you're out.
By the way, you can also share your own Snatch's Room Walkthrough in the comments below. Thanks to a dude named lilgrouch for this. Play game here.

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