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Ruins Escape 4 Walkthrough

Ruins Escape 4 is fourth and latest episode of it's own point and click room escape game series by StoneAgeGames. You will find yourself in the middle of strange ruins in this game. You must get out of that place but, before leaving you must find some things and return them into right places to please the mystical ghost and let you go. Anyways, here's a Ruins Escape 4 Walkthrough we've found on the net.

Zoom in on the rightmost window in the curved ruins, see you need 4 artifacts to escape.
Back up using the bar at the bottom of the screen.
Click the gray column in the middle of the screen, get the pruners from under the bush against the left side of the screen.
Zoom in on the cactus in the center of the screen, use the pruners on the line at the base of the cactus (click the pruners and then the line to cut).
Get the round scarab.
Zoom in on the structure at the bottom of the screen.
Use the pruners to cut the bottom and then the top rope to get the death mask.
NOTE: the order matters!! If you cut the top first, you can’t cut the bottom one! (This is due to a bug).
Click the palm tree in the center of the screen.
Get the shell from the base of the tree (right in the shadow).
Note the odd markings on it.
Click the second window from the left on the curved ruins.
Now click in between the pillars that are to the left of the window to see a code box
Enter the code:
Hint: look at the shell.
SPOILER: 1321.
Click the button and get the Sphinx.
Click the palm tree to the right and behind the curved ruin (right about where the shell is in your inventory).
Get the bust of Nefertiti from behind the right arm of the cactus.
Click the rightmost window of the curved ruin again.
Place the objects in the openings and click escape. You're out of the ruins.

Thanks to those who shared this Ruins Escape 4 Walkthrough with us. You can also add your own in the comments. Play game here.

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